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Pilgrim's Progress Through the Wastelands of Heresy and Revivalism
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Pilgrim’s Progress Through the Wastelands of Heresy and Revivalism by William Weeks. Journey with the pilgrims Thoughtful and Ardent as they encounter numerous adversaries and enemies to true godliness travelingl the same road that Bunyan’s pilgrims did hundreds of years before. Preachers like Dr. Smoothman, Mr. Blindguide, and Mr. Save-all espouse their doctrines to all who will listen, and many are happy with what they hear from them. Soon after starting their journey, Thoughtful and Ardent meet fellow pilgrims Feel-well, Love-self, and No-law, who come into the way through the stile of The Hypocrite’s Hope, and whose theology differs greatly from their own. As a chronicle of how we got where we are today in doctrine and practice, especially regarding our evangelistic practices, Pilgrim’s Progress Through the Wastelands of Heresy and Revivalism, stands as a masterful work which needs to be read by all who profess to be Christians. The main characters in this book are real people and the highly entertaining narrative instructs and informs the reader of heresy and error prevailent in the church today through the eyes of real historical events. Two of the characters are Mr. Bold, who represents Charles Finney, and Mr. Meek, who represents Asahel Nettleton. In these pages the classic struggle which changed Christian theology are recorded by one of the eyewitnesses to the events, Rev. William Weeks. Although written in 1848, you will recognize clearly the message of today’s churches in the narrative story of this book and it will change the way you think about modern Christianity. Available in both hardback and paperback editions. 490 pages.
Asahel Nettleton: Sermons from the Second Great Awakening
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Asahel Nettleton: Sermons From The Second Great Awakening
Over 50 Sermons of Reverend Asahel Nettleton, many never before published. Christian History magazine estimates that over 30,000 people were genuinely led to Christ through Nettleton's ministry during the Second Great Awakening. This book includes most of Nettleton's sermons which have survived. Almost all are evangelistic sermons. Subjects include Death, the Final Judgment, Regeneration, Repentance, the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Unclean Spirit, Hypocrisy in Religion,The Certain Ruin of Those Who do not Seek Salvation Rightly, Mortification of Sin, The Perseverance of the Saints, etc. Over 400 pages in length.
Village Hymns for Social Worship
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Village Hymns for Social Worship by Asahel Nettleton
The complete text of Asahel Nettleton's hymnal including over 180 of the hymns set to the music
recommended by Nettleton in the original work in a modern hymnal format. The text section contains 600 hymns with over 50 by John Newton, 48 by Isaac Watts, along with hymns written by William Cowper, Phillip Doddridge, Samuel Davies, Timothy Dwight, and others, most of which have been lost to this generation. Sections of the hymnal include: God, Christ, Alarming, Penitential, Doctrines, Graces of the Spirit, Conviction and Conversion, The Sinner Awakened, The Convert, Times and Seasons, Time and Eternity, Death and Heaven, and more. One of the best hymnals ever produced. 576 pages.