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Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel
Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel
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Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel by Joseph Bellamy
What is the relationship between the law and the gospel? Is the law of use to men today? What is the great evil of sin? What is the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Joseph Bellamy examines these and many other issues in three treatises entitled: The Great Evil of Sin as Committed Against God, The Law Our School Master, and The Nature and Glory of the Gospel. One of the clearest explanations of the nature and relationship of the law and the gospel ever written. 280 pages.
True Religion Delineated
True Religion Delineated
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True Religion Delineated by Joseph Bellamy
A penetrating look at the nature of true religion as distinuguished from its counterfeits. One of the best explications of the religion of self, of human depravity, and the nature of true love and commitment to God ever written. Joseph Bellamy was tutored by Jonathan Edwards following his graduation from Yale College in 1735. Bellamy became a key figure in the Great Awakening with many being converted through his ministry. The Preface of True Religion Delineated was written by Jonathan Edwards. What better testimony could there be of the great value of this work! 388 pages. Hardback.