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The Application of Redemption
The Application of Redemption

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The Application of Redemption by Thomas Hooker. Perhaps the greatest work ever written on the conversion of a sinner to God. Thomas Hooker had an amazing God-given understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in conviction of sin, humbling the sinner, and breaking him of his pride in the conversion process that few before or since have possessed. To Hooker conversion was a process, wrought by Almighty God over a period of time, not something accomplished in a moment by the sinner repeating the words of a prayer. The modern gospel offers a Christ without conviction of sin, the breaking of pride, or the humbling of the heart for sin. The Holy Spirit is not necessary for the conversion of sinners in the 21st century gospel. Contrition and humilation for sin are unknown today, but Thomas Hooker considered them fundamental to true conversion. In The Application of Redemption, Thomas Hooker offers us some potent medicine so desperately needed by today's church: "Contrition loosens a man from his sin, makes him see an absolute necessity to be another man, or else he is a damned man. Humiliation loosens a man from himself, makes him see an utter insufficiency in what he hath or doth, for to procure the least spiritual relief unto his soulsuch as are of necessity required, that the heart may be fitted for the impression of faith, and by it for the entertainment of the Lord Christ." Clothbound. 447 pages. Volume 4 in the Works of Thomas Hooker series.