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Selfishness: The Essence of Moral Depravity
Selfishness: The Essence of Moral Depravity

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Selfishness: The Essence of Moral Depravity by Nathanael Emmons is a collection of twenty sermons by Nathanael Emmons on the vital issues of sin, human depravity, and the judgment of God. In these sermons Emmons explains the sinful human condition in a way which sheds clear light on the heart of the sinner, so that even the most hardened sinner can understand his corruption. Emmons wrote: "All sin is of the same nature, and essentially consists in selfishness. Sin is a transgression of the law of love; and nothing but selfishness is a transgression of that law. God commands all men to love him supremely, and one another as themselves. When any man loves himself more than God, and his own good more than the good of any of his fellow-creatures, he is totally selfish; and his selfishness is a transgression of the divine law. All sinfulness may be traced to selfishness as its source. Men never act from any worse than selfish motives." The message of this book is vital to true Christianity. Some of the sermons in this volume are The Sin of Following the Multitude to Do Evil, Secure Sinners Love Their Security, Selfishness the Essence of Moral Depravity, The Deceitfulness of the Human Heart, Christ Will Reject Mercenary Followers, The Moral Inability of Sinners, The Character and State of Judas, Reprobation, and The Vindictive Justice of God. Clothbound. 271 pages.